AnonymousID Technology

Privacy information is managed by the user himself, and technology that can secure “security” is a technology.

AppGuard has technology to generate trusted unique Identity (ID). Based on this trustworthy ID, transactions within the connected world that “things” connect is enabled. Moreover, it is a field of high interest in how personal privacy information is managed in the cyber space where the partner is not actually seen. AppGuard has AnonymousID Technology, which allows you to authenticate your personal information in a hidden way. With traditional authentication technology, it is necessary to provide personal information, but it is a mechanism that allows you to authenticate while maintaining trust of information sources even with confidentiality of personal information by advanced key exchange technology. And at the time of authentication, you can decide whether you want to publish personal information yourself or not. By doing this, we can offer “peace of mind” at Connected World.

By using AnonymousID technology, it is expected that new services will be developed in the future by allowing users to manage whether to disclose privacy information or to authenticate them privately according to the service. Even for the manager who collects Big data information, it is data that does not contain personal information originally, so it is possible to provide “safety” to service providers as well.


(Image of AnonymousID Technology)

At the medical site, if you do not want to provide personal information in clinical trials etc, you can protect your privacy information by turning on Anonymous ID. In addition, when you ask a hospital or a doctor to see you as a patient, you can receive appropriate treatment by providing personal information and disclosing information such as past medical history. In this way, it is possible for the user himself / herself to manage the privacy information according to the situation.