Completed financing of 11 billion yen

– From Japan, an innovative cyber security company –

– The superiority of “AppGuard®” technology was appreciated, and financing was completed by the additional capital increase on August 25. The introduction of AppGuard products will begin rapidly –

Blue Planet-works Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo: President and CEO Hiroshi Nakata) completed the second round of funding on August 25, in addition to the first round of capital increase on April 18 this year . We have finished raising funds for 11 billion yen in total.


Blue Ridge Networks, a US cyber security company, announced that it will offer assets (patents, source code, research and development technicians, goodwill, etc.) related to innovative security technology “AppGuard®” technology business on April 18 We acquired it. Based on these assets, we are acting as a global cyber security company originating in Japan, and as a result of acceptance of its technology advantage, additional financing has been raised.


For this investment, JTB Corporation (JTB) Co., Ltd., Faith Inc., Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. etc. participated. To ANA Holdings Co., Ltd., Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Sompo Japan Nippon Koa Co., Ltd., Dentsu Inc., Dentsu International Information Service Co., Ltd., Daico Electronics Communication Co., Ltd., PCI Holdings Co., Ltd. etc. on April 18 In addition, we have received investment from companies of many industries representing Japan.


Regarding this investment, JTB Corporation (JTB) has delivered the following contents of release.

“As the digitization and IoT conversion in Japanese society are accelerating, the threat from cyber attacks is increasing year by year, especially in anticipation of the year 2020. It is expected that the threat will further increase. In promoting globalization, digitization and IoT, measures to deal with the threat of cyber attacks are an indispensable management issue and are urgently becoming an urgent task For the JTB Group, We will promote the following through equity investment.

Develop solutions unique to various JTBs that set the latest IT security
Develop software for PC to customers of JTB group
Strengthen IT security measures within the group thoroughly ”


Toward realization of “Safety for the Connected World”

For a connected world that all people and things have started to connect, in order to be able to use it with confidence, it is necessary that a reliable foundation has been established. “Protection” to protect against external threats is an element, it is necessary to prove authenticated people and things continuously, and to protect real personal information necessary for authentication at the same time real “safe” and “secure” You can not establish. “AppGuard®” technology integrates the three functions “Isolation Technology (defense)” * 1 “TRUSTICA Technology (safety)” * 2 “AnonymousID Technology (relief)” * 3 and provides lightweight as connected world To realize a trusted foundation.


Kenji Hirakawa of Business Creation Center Executive Director, Dentsu Inc.,

“In the future IoT society, various things are connected and the social infrastructure of the connected world is built.In this new digital society, people and people, people and things interact in the digital space , Trust TRUST is an important foundation. While various businesses and connections are established in the space that is not actually visible, it is essential to prove the trust. AppGuard® already incorporates this trust establishment technology and we believe it is a technology that will provide an important foundation for the future of Connected World. As Dentsu Co., Ltd., based on this elemental technology, I am willing to strive towards the establishment of Japan’s IoT society and service ”


Introduction of AppGuard® is proceeding and introduction by ANA Holdings Co., Ltd. was started sequentially starting in August. Security officer of All Nippon Airways Co. said, “From the standpoint of a company that uses security software, it is always a battle against a new cyber attack, among which the expectation for new defense technology and the security measures to rise sharply There is a possibility that such cost control can be realized. ”


With this capital increase, we will also start developing products for IoT, connected automobiles and smartphones in the future. Blue Planet – works aims to be a company that provides “connected” and “safe” to Connected World.


About Blue Planet-works Co., Ltd.:

Blue Planet-works is a global cyber security company from Japan that provides cyber security products and services based on an innovative “AppGuard®” technology platform. “Safety for the Connected World” as a vision, we will provide the foundation of “Trust TRUST” indispensable for the Connected World in the future.

(* 1) “Isolation Technology (Defense)”

It is a generic name of “new concept” that defends the system with “lightweight”. The AppGuard® engine is as lightweight as 1 MB or less, and it prevents illegal operation of in-system processes at high speed. And update and constant connection to the network are unnecessary. Technologies that inherit the process policy (patented) can be widely applied, and we are also planning to deploy it to IoT, connected automobiles, smart phones, etc.

(* 2) “TRUSTICA Technology (safety)”

It is a collective name of “proof” technology which connects defensively “goods” safely. The AppGuard® security framework incorporates technologies for dynamically and continuously attesting changes in functions and configurations in addition to the conventional authentication infrastructure (authentication, encryption, signature technology) .

(* 3) “AnonymousID Technology (relieved)”

It is a collective name of “anonymous authentication” technology which protects “privacy” information while performing authentication and proof. By using AnonymousID dynamically, users can autonomously control the provision of personal information. Realize a framework that handles correct information belonging to necessary attributes without providing personal information.


Blue Planet-works Inc. will build a foundation for growing “peace of mind” for society by providing “secure” connections as well as cyber security technology.

In addition,

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