From Japan, innovative cyber security company started

With the “AppGuard®” technology which overwhelms the traditional security concepts, it fights the latest cyber threat. Aiming for global cyber security company from Japan –

Blue Planet-works Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo: President and CEO Hiroshi Nakata) will start business development as Japan Cyber ​​Security Company on April 18, 2017.

Blue Ridge Networks, a US cyber security company, announced that it will offer assets (patents, source code, research and development technicians, goodwill, etc.) related to innovative security technology “AppGuard®” technology business on April 18 We acquired it. Based on these assets, it became a global cyber security company from Japan.


About “AppGuard®” technology

Achievements of “AppGuard®” technology
He has won the GSN (Global Security News) Homeland Security Award for the past three consecutive years with many years of experience at government agencies in the United States. In March of this year we have obtained Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) certification from the US Army’s NETCOM (The U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command). (CoN certification indicates that “AppGuard®” achieved high standard security standards of US Army and Department of Defense.)


Features of “AppGuard®” technology
It is not based on the IoC (Indicator of Compromise) of the conventional detection type (definition file, machine learning, reputation, white list type etc), and it is based on IoA (Indicator of Attack), innovation to block the threat at the stage of attack Patented cyber security platform.
“AppGuard®” is a software for detecting known and unknown Zero Day malware, Fileless Malware, memory scraper, Ransomware and targeted attacks using conventional definition files, machine learning detection, sandbox behavior detection , It protects from cyber threats without requiring techniques such as scanning.
“AppGuard®” technology operates in a wide range of fields because the necessary device resources are very low and fast, compared with conventional security software. Operating costs are lower than conventional cybersecurity solutions. It will be applied to IoT, automobiles, smartphones from the characteristics that PCs and other endpoints can of course defend without necessity of updating, as well.


“AppGuard®” is already introduced by several major companies in Japan. Also, requests for introduction from Asian countries are received from now. Blue Planet-works Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Tokyo and plans to expand its base from Japan in the future. We have set up research and development bases in Virginia state in Japan and the United States and also set up sales base in New York, USA.


In acquiring Blue Ridge Networks’ “AppGuard®” related assets, ANA Holdings Co., Ltd., Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Sompo Japan Nippon Koa Co., Ltd., Dentsu Ltd., International Dentsu Information Service Co., Ltd., Daedong Electronics We have raised ¥ 5.5 billion in funds from representative companies in Japan such as PCI Holdings Co., Ltd. and others.


Japan market version “AppGuard®” sale time:

We plan to begin shipping the Japanese market version “AppGuard®” that protects Windows PCs from cyber threats with “AppGuard®” technology in June 2017.


Later, in 2018, we plan to release security products based on the “AppGuard®” platform for smartphones, IoT and automobiles.


About Blue Planet-works Co., Ltd.:

Blue Planet-works is a global cyber security company from Japan that provides cyber security products and services based on an innovative “AppGuard®” technology platform. The predecessor is KeepTree Co., Ltd. (Tokyo), which provides secure communication.
Blue Planet – works plans to acquire KeepTree, Inc. (US), which will develop Secure Communications business in the future, will realize the integration of cyber security and secure communication, and will strengthen sales force.
Blue Planet-works Inc. will build a foundation for growing “peace of mind” for society by providing not only cyber security technology but also secure communication.


About Blue Ridge Networks (USA)

Blue Ridge Networks provides effective cyber security solutions for government agencies, corporations, and consumers. The company’s certified solutions are already proven in the field and offer high reliability, scalability and low operating costs. For detailed information, please visit


About KeepTree, Inc. Inc. (USA)

KeepTree, Inc. is developing Secure Communications business using video.


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