About AppGuard

AppGuard’s Mission

“We will protect the correct operation and function of the system”

AppGuard provides “safe” to everyone based on privacy protection by protecting all connected systems connected to the net from cyber attacks and securing “trust” on the net.

The AppGuard technology framework allows for portability across all devices and operating systems. It corrects the correct operation and functions of all systems such as servers, personal computers, smartphones, connected cars, IOT devices, etc.

Innovative AppGuard technology

AppGuard has recieved many years of experience at government agencies in the United States and has obtained Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) certification from The U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command.

* CoN certification indicates that “AppGuard” meets the high standard of security standards of the US Army and the Department of Defense.

AppGuard Security Framework


"New concept" to defend the system with "lightweight".

Completely blocking and preventing illegal acts, and more than threatening.

"Safety and trust"

"High speed" securing "safety" of connection

Verification of “connection” by robust Attestation technology, encryption.

"Peace of Mind"

Protect "privacy" information and secure "security".

Strong authentication technology that enables secure communication while protecting privacy.

AppGuard’s core technology


Two patented technologies

1.Trusted Enclaves: Patented technology on “process isolation technology” of computer systems

Trusted Enclaves (#7,712,143):  A trusted enclave for a software system of a computer node provides relatively high assurance protection of a section of the software system.  The trusted enclave attempts to stop malware from compromising parts of the software system within the trusted enclave.  If a software system process outside the trusted enclave becomes compromised, the process may be prevented from further compromising software system resources within the trusted enclave.

2.Trustable Communities: Patented technology on software component management with “security dependency”

Trustable Communities (#7,809,955):  A trustable community for a computer system includes multiple software components that have security interdependence. The system attempts to stop malware from compromising one software component within the community by conditioning operation of the software component upon a determination of present trustworthiness of itself and other software components with the community. Present trustworthiness may be determined through hash checks and application of community rules defining conditions under which software components are trustworthy


AppGuard Enterprise


AppGuard obstructs cyber security threats such as unknown viruses, botnets, file-less malware, armed documents, zero day malware, phishing, runtime wear, drive by download, fountain attacks . These are not detected by the conventional “detection type” approach. This unique multi-layer infringement prevention platform prevents illegal behavior of malware in the early stage of attack and prevents violation of important systems. AppGuard Enterprise is compatible with all current Windows versions, can be easily installed according to scale, does not require continuous updating, so it does not interfere with user productivity. In the management system, it is possible to implement and control policy for each company. You can also output a log of defense at the endpoint.

Safety for the Connected World


We aim to become a global cyber security company based in Japan.


We will provide safety to all “things” connected to the network by defending against external threats, establishing safety and security.


Security (by Isolation Technology)

AppGuard is a mechanism that prevents fraud itself in the principle and principle of the system. We will also protect the system from clever latest cyber attacks that traditional “Detection types” could not protect with 100 % efficiency.

Safety (by Trust Technology)

AppGuard prove reliable “trust” reliability at high speed with the latest Attestation technology. In addition to traditional encryption and authentication technologies, AppGuard verifies the complete trust relationship of the connected system by Attestation.

Safety (by AnonymousID Technology)

With AppGuard, you can autonomously manage privacy information. It enables secret authentication without disclosing privacy information, prevents leakage of privacy information, and protects personal information.