Making Connected World “Safe” and “Secure”


The arrival of Connected World, a world where everything is connected

Along with the evolution and development of technology, the number of things and IoT devices connected to the Internet is steadily increasing. According to research firms, the number of devices that were 27.5 billion in 2017 is expected to reach 40.3 billion in 2020. (*1) With the arrival of the 5G era with the features of high-speed, large-capacity, multiple connections, and low latency, the infrastructure for next-generation mobile communication systems will be improved, and the increase in the number of IoT devices will be indispensable for everyday life. While life becomes more convenient, the risk of cyber-attacks is also expected to increase at the same time in a connected world, where everything is connected.
(*1) http://www.soumu.go.jp/johotsusintokei/whitepaper/ja/h30/html/nd111200.html

Safety Platform ~TRUSTICA~

Blue Planet-works continues to invest in developing safety platform, TRUSTICA, with the aim of ensuring “safety and security” in the connected world where all people and things come in connection with the realization of the 5th generation mobile communication system (5G). We think that “building a trustworthy relationship” is indispensable in order to secure safety and security in the Connected World. TRUSTICA builds a reliable TRUST Circle and establishes TRUST with advanced security technology.

TRUSTICA technology which provides SAFETY

TRUSTICA technology includes capability of Digital ID creation binding users and devices (TRUST ID), Data Confidentiality and Integrity for secure and reliable communication without relying on Network (Data Protection), Continuous Device Attestation for secure communication (Attestation*), Authentication Mechanism without requiring any privacy information (Anonymous ID*), and even more. In addition, these technologies are integrated and designed to be simple and lightweight to enable implementation on IoT devices. It is designed to be simple and lightweight to enable implementation on IoT devices.
(*) Developed initially by Blue Planet-works, patent pending

Use Case #1:TRUSTICA Mobile

Using TRUSTICA technology, we developed an application for mobile devices called “TRUSTICA Mobile”. This TRUSTICA Mobile has the following functions.
1) Enabled advanced confidential communication (call, message exchange, file exchange)
2) Equipped with original technology to prove the reliability of smartphones
3) Forms TRUST Circle with advanced encryption technology which prevents information leakage outside the Circle
4) Automatic generation of TRUST ID
5) Realizing sharing economy key using TRUST ID
Even if information is provided to the outside from the TRUSTICA Circle formed by TRUSTICA Mobile, it cannot be decrypted because it uses advanced encryption technology. In addition, TRUST ID possessed by TRUSTICA Mobile can be used as a sharing economy key (Digital Key).
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