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Blue Planet-works was established in Japan in 2017. Blue Planet-works is a technology company founded by acquiring patented technology which was originally born in the United States. We are now expanding its business from Japan to the rest of the world.
A few years after we launched the company, we stopped and reconsider, what is our mission to society? What are we trying to achieve?
All members from all over the world, from the president to temporary employees, gathered and exchanged opinions. There was some concern that it would be difficult to organize discussions among members of different cultures, positions, and roles, but our ideals were united.


Leverage the power of technology to create a safer connected world free from security risks.


The new standard: true cyber protection for all.


To realize this Vision/Mission,we emphasize the following values;

  • R&D values, the CORE of a technology company
  • Values about the perspective of the users of the services we provide based on our technology.
  • Values for continued growth with our stakeholders

In order to fulfill these values, each and every one of us at Blue Planet-works will act in accordance with the following guiding principles.


We challenge conventional wisdom and embrace innovative solutions for cyber security.


We cultivate trust by placing safety at the forefront of all we do.


We encourage and embrace feedback from our customers, partners, and team members to continuously improve our business & technology.