Perfect protection starts with “Isolation Technology”

Everyday more than 1 million new malwares are being generated by adversaries. Traditional security technology relies on the past historical threat data to detect malware using behavioral analytics, AI, or pattern matching and do not provide real-time complete protection against unknown and new types of malware that behaves differently than the ones in the past.
AppGuard guards the most widely targeted applications using “Isolation Technology” to simply and effectively protecting the system.
“Isolation technology” has been used for many years by the U.S. government agencies and has never been breached. “Isolation Technology” is a patented (US Patent# 7,712,143) new concept that overcomes the limitations with the traditional detection based techniques.

  1. Patented technology that has never been breached and used by the U.S. government agencies for over 20 years.
  2. Adopted by large enterprises as well as with individuals. Covered by the TV news medias.
  3. Complete protection and simple/easy to use with a new approach to security.

AppGuard complies with the 2018 version of the Cyber Security Guideline published by NISC (National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity).

Key AppGuard features

  • Patented Isolation Technology
  • Small footprint and light
  • No updates required

Shouldn’t Security be about Safety?

Today’s security is focused on detecting malware. However, is detecting malware the most effective security measures? Various techniques are used to detect malware; Anti-virus uses signature files based on past threat data, AI uses machine learning from past threat data to derive predictive mathematical models, behavioral analytics uses past threat data to model behaviors. The biggest problem with detection based technology is that it relies on the past historical malware data. It detects based on past information.

Past threat vectors and mechanism cannot always predict the attack vector and mechanism of the future. Attack vectors continue to evolve and change.
  1. More than 1 Million new malwares are generated daily
  2. Past threat data does not necessary help against new threats.

Do you think that Cybersecurity is a cat-and-mouse game?

Light-weight and protects the system using a new concept. AppGuard based on the patented Isolation Technology will change the paradigm of Cybersecurity. Reinventing Cybersecurity.

Towards an era where Security = Safety